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You thought you knew how to stand? Hah!

My blog-brother taichiplayer has alerted me to an article in the March 2009 issue of Tai Chi magazine. It gives instructions on standing for Yiquan practice. It’s pretty straightforward, but it posits the idea that many teachers are too easy on their students, teaching them postures that aren’t challenging enough to develop power and improve health. The next time you’re at larger magazine racks, check it out.

Another site for Yiquan fans is J.P. Lau’s site, which contains a lot of good stuff. I particularly like the 305-pageĀ Yiquan Beginner’s Guide, which contains a number of concepts we’ve discussed in class, which naturally, provides the kind of connection I like: remote info matches local info. This book was recommended by Xue Sheng on MartialTalk.

Of course, material like this doesn’t substitute for hands-on experience with a live teacher. But you knew that.

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