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Now that’s Yiquan!

February 10th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

How’s that for a grabber headline?

I’ve just stumbled upon a great interview with Master Cheuk Fung, a Yiquan (yee-chwan) master who studied under the teacher of Master Chau, my Yiquan Sifu. It contains some of my favourite descriptions of the art that I’ve seen yet: practical and simple, just like Yiquan. Master Fung just makes so much sense to me. The interviewer comes off as a bit of a goof, but his questions help to illuminate the difference between our western-biased way of categorizing information and the art’s eastern-based reality.

Check it out under “articles”, just to the right of this post.

(For those just joining us, Yiquan is a martial art that doesn’t emphasize a specific set of forms or patterns, but instead teaches the martial artist to develop a full-body strength that can be applied to any martial art. Its interdisciplinary nature appeals to me, which is why I study it and include it in my blog. It also has great health benefits, so there.)

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