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Too good to be true?

February 13th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here’s another case for media literacy. Did any of us really think that just because dark chocolate contains antioxidants, it’s now a “health food”? Companies and websites promoting chocolate consumption sure would like us to believe it, and newspaper articles seem to focus on the drama and wish-fulfillment of it all. Well, in spite of that, we should read this article (from The Globe and Mail) all the way to the bottom, where we’ll find:

“Although dark chocolate contains flavonoids that may help lower bad cholesterol, it’s also loaded with fat and sugar. Treating it as anything more than an occasional indulgence, even if it’s loaded with vitamins and high amounts of flavonoids, could aggravate or create health problems, Prof. Blumberg said.”

It was a tasty treat, and it’s still a tasty treat. Practically speaking (and that’s all that matters to this blog), it’s nothing more. If we need the benefits of the flavonoids without the fat & sugar, we should talk to our doctor or a nutritionist about options.

(By the way, I’m neither a nutritionist or a doctor, nor do I play either on TV.)

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