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Wow. Four years!

A friend said that it’s not a good idea to have so much time between log entries, because it would cause me to lose readers.


Yes, I meant to write (heard that before?) but after, oh, a year, I thought that I’d need to come back with a newly-designed theme, new categories, new ideas, new point of view … but all that at once. RnR reboot!

Well, that didn’t really work out, with work, university and all. So, probably in line with the theme of the blog, I’m not going to hold off any longer and wait until I can make a perfect, big-deal reentry into the blogging world. Instead, I’m just going to start writing again,¬†make¬†the changes as I go, and hopefully give you some brand-new insights into psychology, music and obsecure martial arts.

Off we go.


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